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GIMME strives to offer schools, cultural practitioners and hobby musicians inspiring teaching materials. We do this mainly through digital teaching material in the form of online courses, educational videos and workshops.

Several new educational projects are under development for 2023 and we currently have one series published on the history of women in music called 'Drumming Through The Decades'.


The history of women in music

“Drumming Through The Decades” (DTTD) is an educational series about the history of women in music. The series consists of 12 episodes (approx. 4h in total) and covers the development of the history of rhythms and musical styles with a special focus on female drummers and musicians. The series is created by drummer Vicky Österberg aka Vicky O'Neon.

DTTD begins 2000 BC. when research has shown that all drummers were women and continues until the 2020s. Vicky has done in-depth research on the importance of women in our music history to create a series. There are also 220 informational short videos covering specific topics from the series.


As the female perspective has mostly been left out of music history, GIMME wants to promote gender equality and spread educational material about both the present and the past. In addition to the series, there is a complete educational pack containing quizzes, links to reference material and downloadable manuscripts for schools to use.


We also offer school visits with guest lectures on the topic.

The aim of the project is to give students a broader insight into the history of women in music and thereby increase gender equality within the music industry.

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